Thursday, March 18, 2010

So, what hurts?

So far on this blog I have explained who I am, what my inspiration is and how stupid I look hip-hopping down my rocky road to the safe haven of the relatively smooth walking trail near my house. Other then that I have not given any useful experiential tidbits at all (other then my book recommendation for “Born to Run”).

After running a couple miles without shoes, here is my list of pains:

That’s it. Nothing. No pain at all.

Well actually I am lying a little. There is soreness but that is to be expected. You see my feet have been coddled for low these many years. They have been protected from the elements in every way. My feet and lower legs were the equivalent of Eddie Murphy BEFORE he came to America. The good news about that is the feet are protected. The bad news is the feet are protected. The analogy I think of is flu shots. You have to get a bit-o-the bug to protect yourself. Same thing with the feet. You have to pound them a little to get them to resist injury.

My point of course is that my feet and legs have never experienced this new sensation. So when I woke up this morning I had the same feeling as if I did a calf workout at the gym. A LIL-sore.. but it was a good sore. It was a ‘hey I am ex-a-ma-size-in!’ soreness..

My assumption is that will go away……… right?

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