Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I ran the 7 mile loop around Peace Valley Park after work yesterday. It was a dark, wet day and it was almost closing time (dusk) at the park so there was hardly anyone there. It was so beautiful and peaceful just me and the geese, feeling great, pounding the pavement. Maybe I shouldn’t have been pounding so hard.

At the 6 mile mark I felt a twinge in my left foot. My weeks of barefoot running bliss wouldn’t allow my brain to process this as a bad thing, but it WAS there. Obviously I kept going and finished the run feeling fine. However this morning’s first step on that foot sent a (glup) sharp pain straight into my brain. Oh nooooo…. Please don’t tell me this is happening! I admit that I am a drama queen from time to time, but dear lord don’t let everything that I have been reading about and experiencing while barefoot running be wrong and not work for me.

I am not going to freak out. I am going to take a couple Tylenol and start today’s work. I am going to think positive thoughts and hope that this is just a small pull or something. This Friday is going to be a beautiful day in the Chalfont PA area and I plan on taking a l0 mile run. I WILL BE OK by then……. RIGHT?!?!


  1. hope it turns out to be minor. More than likely it will be but keeping a positive attitude is crucial to life in general right!
    Congrats to your girl for trying running. I hope she falls in love with it!

  2. Thanks Angie... It's feeling better as the day progresses; positive thoughts! :)