Monday, April 5, 2010

Ten things I think I think…

1. I think that not being able to run on a beautiful day is cruel and unusual punishment

2. I think that I look like I am 100 years old when I walk around

3. I think that the Broad Street 10 miler on May 2nd is still possible

4. I think that the trucking company who delivered my new pool table today and proceeded to tell me “I can’t get it off the truck, it’s too big” is just ridiculous

5. I think the pork shoulder that I made for dinner last night was JUST as good for lunch today

6. I think that 75 degrees and sunny with a westerly facing deck just totally rocks

7. I think that whoever came up with the Ace Bandage with the little pocket for the ice pack is a smarty pants

8. I think that the guitar part in Joe Walsh’s “The Confessor” is just perfect

9. I think I will still be able to run

10. I think I will keep overdoing everything because that’s just me…..

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